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How to make a DIY headset display and camera? Answered

Hey everyone, I’m new here so go easy and forgive any ignorance on my part!

I’m looking at creating a rough and ready binocular headset with a Pi ZeroCam NoIR camera, connected to microdisplays for each eye interfacing through a Raspberry Pi Zero W.  I’m hoping to be able to view the camera feed directly through the eyepieces and later I’d like wirelessly video stream or transfer captured images over to a separate CPU through the Raspberry Pi if possible.

I can’t find any microdisplays that might be suitable - so can anyone help me find what I’m looking for or provide some guidance please?



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Best Answer 3 years ago

They are out there but if you want something below the 2" range in HD then they become quite costly.
AFAIK they all require a dedicated driver board although times moves fast...
Cost and programming wise it might be easier to go the Google cardboad approach with a mobile phone or tablet used for viewing.
The only low cost place for tiny displays I know is old projectors.
Often they only have a single channel failed or old ones are just dirty and with a bad lamp.
But again getting the things to work is hard even with all the electronics from the projector still working.