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How to make a DIY radio density meter? Answered

I would like to build a radio density meter for my dad.

I have some experience with arduino and netduino, soldering, some super basic electronics, but I have no clue where to start with a radio density meter.  What kind of signal do I have to generate?  What kind of chip/circuit will I need to read the radio signal and analyze it?

I'm mainly interested in search terms, web sites, books, etc that will point me in the right direction - but any help at all is appreciated.  

Thank you.



5 years ago

Just in case I was not clear - I want to measure the relative density of solid matter using radio waves. For example, wet/moist drywall will be denser than dry drywall. I would like to construct a single device that emits a radio frequency into the solid matter, and receive that signal back, then in near-realtime analyze the signal to determine if the material is denser than a baseline (maybe calibrate the device to zero at power-up by holding away from all solid matter and taking a reading (dry air)).

I've seen devices capable of this.. but none of them have some of the nice-to-have features that my dad really wants.


5 years ago

I think you need a quite simple circit to measure radio density . And also probably the frequency you can check out this page
for the instructions .