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How to make a Replica of a peace of glass using GE 100% all purpose Silicone Answered

HI, I've been trying to make a mold for a piece of glass that broke from a lens in other words I want to make a replica of that glass that broke what I'm using is GE All Purpose 100% silicone waterproof I tried to do a piece in a corner and it came out all sticky and gooey so my question to you is is it better for me to do it with water and soap and some cornstarch to make it a bit more harder I really don't know what to do can you please help me with some ideas thank you




10 days ago

Your problem is curing.
Silicone either needs moisture (the stinky stuff, smelling like vinegar) or time to cure.
Judging by the images, standard silicone would need weeks to properly cure.
You will be far better off getting some mold making rubber, silicone or similar from a hobby store or Ebay.
These are two components that you mix right before use.
Depending on the brandand type you have a work time of minutes to several hours, after that the curing starts.
Quick mixtures can be ready to be peeled in less than 6 hours.

If your aim is to get a replica of this glass then I suggest adding some support.


Best Answer 10 days ago

Here are the pictures of the glass that I'm trying,to duplicate.