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How to make a bike-like vehicle with legs instead of wheels? Answered

For Halloween, I'm going to be riding a unicorn, and the unicorn is basically two bikes but with leg-like poles instead of wheels. This is basically like a hexapod robot, but with four legs instead of six and pedals instead of motors. I already know where to get the parts and stuff, but need to figure out how to make a working leg mechanism. Anyone have any ideas on how to make it walk?



Best Answer 9 years ago

BTW, the classic solution for single-person "riding an animal" costumes is to use your own legs for critter's front legs, put the rear legs on a wheel so they trail behind you reasonably (it's possible, but a LOT of work, to make them move as if they were walking), and set up the costume with dummy "rider" legs hanging on either side so it looks like you're sitting on top rather than standing through.


9 years ago

Attach fake legs and hooves to the wheels. Don't try to reinvent the wheel.


Answer 9 years ago

+1. Especially with only two weeks to go.

Walking mechanisms are Not Easy. Walking with four legs is harder than with six.


Answer 8 years ago

yeah, i never even started this project due to lack of parts... i might do this next year, but with only 7 hours left, im not going to try starting on it for this halloween... i actually got this design figured out, but its just too much work... thanks for the answer anyway


9 years ago

You've got 12 days, this is way too much to try in that time - see other answers.