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How to make a circuit for the ATmega328P-PU? Answered

I have been wanting to build a standalone circuit for the ATmega328P-PU but i understand where to connect the power to it, i have been looking online and all i can find is how you make a DIY Arduino and they only show pictures of the wiring that does not show what is connected to the prongs coming off of the ATmega. I have generated a list of questions below:
  • How to provide power to theĀ ATmega through USB
  • what prongs i should connect the power to.
  • what prong does what.

I put a picture of a diagram of the ATmega below that i found online for reference.



4 years ago

VCC = + supply

Gnd = - supply.

However your also going to need a crystal to provide a clock.

If your knowledge of these devices is so limited your going to have problems getting it to do anything once you get it powered as well.


I have recommended these manuals many times - even if they are NOT for your particular PIC processor they WILL help you understand what your trying to do .

Small steps. will yeald you bigger success then trying to run before you can walk. I suggest a LOT of reading before you go further.


Answer 4 years ago

thank you, where I was really confused is with the power, I was not sure if the ground was input or output, but why is there 2 Ground pins?


Answer 4 years ago

Because it does. For complex reasons, I won't go into. Ground is one of the connections of the supply, it is neither input nor output.