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How to make a circuit with an IR receiver turn on with an infrared remote control? Answered

We are currently having a Research project in our English class and we thought it would be nice if we tried a research regarding electronics because me and my parter are both interested in electronics.  However, we are both beginners when it comes to electronics.

Is there anyone who can help us with the following:

A. Building an IR remote that can send a signal to the IR receiver to momentarily turn on (kinda like a push switch)
B. An IR receiver that will be connected to a circuit to allow it to momentarily turn on or off based on the actions of the IR remote
C. A fabric/system that could give a sudden "shock" to the holder when turned on kinda like the gag shock pens.
D. Schematics for the IR receiver circuit

I don't even know if this project is plausible but if anyone could help, we extend our deepest gratitude :)



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10 years ago

A. I've always turned on the TV with a snap of my fingers.
B. They must build magic into most TVs that now exist.
C. Don't tase me, bro.
D. Look up " how to search for electronic circuits" or "how to do a search". When that fails, search "sechematics for the IR reciver circuit".

Good luck.