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How to make a cool-looking DIY canister filter for a 10 gal guppy tank with a college student budget? Answered

Hi everybody

i'm a newbie for diy project but i would love to give it a try. ok, so my hang on the back filter for my 10 gal tank just stopped working. i started to google for a diy filter and found a cool site to make a diy canister filter. here is the link: http://www.petfrd.com/forum/articles.php?action=viewarticle&artid=87&page=2

however i just wonder if anyone had tried it. if you did please respond back to me with a detailed step-by-step instructions on how to assembly one. in addition, please tell me where i can get the materials for the lowest cost. i guess in this economy a college student like me just can't afford to spend too much. btw i'm in san diego ca if that helps... thanks a lot for reading my questions.





10 years ago

. I suggest an under-gravel filter with a powerhead. . Too big a chance of a leak if you've never built something like a canister filter before.


10 years ago

What do you need to know? That starfrit brand container is great with a locking lid - mount a submersible pump It needs an input and an output hole. Silicone the pump to one hole, outputting direct back to the tank. The author of that one cut the cord so it fit snugly in a small round hole, then spliced it outside of the canister (water and electricity concern) You need filter media from a pet store - its cheap. You can use 'whatever' designed for your aquarium (salt or fresh). You want at bare minimum a physical filter to trap the crap, and some of the porous material to host a biological filter... You want the source water to be sucked through the filter, then go through the pump - keeps the impeller clean.