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How to make a giant collapsible Frisbee... for a canoe? Answered

Y'know those cheap collapsible Frisbees everywhere? Well, I want to make a sturdy (but still collapsible) version about three feet in diameter, and attach it to an oar/paddle to go sailing on a canoe. Any suggestions?



9 years ago

make it out of knex? idk try walmart!!


10 years ago

The Army/Navy store comes to mind. Look for a thing called a "shelter half". It is, literally, half of a tent. Each soldier is issued one half, two troops get toghether and snap together one tent. But WHY??!! Cause it's surplus (cheap), its canvas (sturdy), and has brass grommets installed that you could use for all sorts of things. With a little imagination, maybe you could convert it into a small sail.