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How to make a gumball machine? Answered

Hi all,

I thought there would be an instructable on this but it hasn't come up yet....so maybe I'll take this opportunity to initiate a Q&A sort of thing with a project I'm working on

I'm trying to make a gumball machine/ dispenser for ordinary sized gumballs and fit hidden inside a large rectangular structure. No coin input required. On ebay I saw someone selling a gumball machine that was vintage and it takes Standard Gumballs, The whole unit was 16x8x2. I thought it was amazing, but was outbid.

From most round gumball machines I've seen, the glass just seems to hold all the gumballs in such a way that when the gears turn they push the gumballs up and one dispenses.

I just stumbled across this one too: [http://cgi.ebay.ca/ws/eBayISAPI.dll?ViewItem&item=250440283723&fromMakeTrack=true

Maybe these are far too basic questions from someone who never took physics in high school, then didn't take mechanics in art school (kicking myself) but how can I make a gumball machine like the one above, with a rectangular container?

We could co create this instructable or anything else like that. Feel free to personally message me about the project.



crash landing

8 years ago

try this link. http://www.stevedgood.com/gumball.pdf


10 years ago

If all you need is for a person to turn a wheel and have a single gumball come out it's not super hard. You basicaly onl yneed a single wheel and axle.

I'll try to explain it with words and if that doesn't work let me know and I'll whip up a diagram. I'm largely thinking about wooden construction for this, though you can make the top of the gumball repository anything you want.

You have two main components. The first is the gumball repository. This is mostly just a box, but it needs to taper like a funnel at the bottom, so all of the gumballs can get to the gumball delivery device.

The gumball delivery device is a wheel with at least one hole drilled along the outside toward the middle, like a standard Tinkertoy connector. The hole(s) should be roughly 1 1/4 gumball in depth and diameter. This is placed at the bottom of the repository funnel, and has an axle that leads to the outside of the machine with a handle for turning. The top and bottom of this wheel are open. The top is open to our supply of gumballs, the bottom is open to a little chute where the person can collect their gumball. The sides are enclosed to keep the ball from escaping. A person gets one gumball per turn for each hole in the edge of the wheel. (One hole=1 gumball, 6 holes = 6 gumballs. Mmmm...)

As a person turns the handle a single gumball will fall into each hole as it passes under the gumball supply funnel. As the wheel is turned all the way upside down the gumball will fall out of the hole and into a collection area where the turner can collect their yummy reward.

You might get some ideas for how to move gumballs around from these amazing marble machines:

Link 1 (Especially the "elevating wheel" but you'd want to run it in reverse.)

Link 2

The machines at these links are a ton more complex than you need for a gumball machine and are amazing works of art. Don't be daunted by them, you don't need anything nearly as complex.