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How to make a homemade z board using arduino uno? Answered

Hey Frnds! Well the quetion is clear from the heading. There is going to be a science exhibition in our school and we think that a homemade zboard can be a very good thing because noone knows about it in our school. (how sad it is....).

          I'm a beginner in arduino but i figured out that we will store the values of S1 and S2 in two different varibles. Then test for which one is bigger. Then if S1 is bigger then we'll turn the motor forward else it will be turned backward. I know there is some mistake in this program because how we'll stop it if we want to. And i also dont know about the hardware of the z board. Can any one plz help. Like with the Motor Specifications, Force sensor values, powersupply, wheels ( are the rear wheels both free of each other or they are joined). Plz comment if you knwo any thing. I am in real help.

Moreover i was going to buy a motor driver sheild from here : http://www.snapdeal.com/product/robomart-l293d-motor-plate-arduino/1675508201#bcrumbSearch:l293d  Is it compatible with arduino uno? Is it the same that is on adafruit.com. 


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5 years ago

I do not now much about ZBoards, but the motors will probably draw more than 600mA, which is that motor driver shields, max current, so you would have to find a higher power motor driver.