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How to make a large cage for big SNAKES? Answered

Hi, any of you clever guys has a bit of an advanced DIY knowledge of large vivarium building?
I am looking for a but of inspiration/tech tips but if anybody loves a challenge, this is what I will be building.
Its for my anacondas and it will need to have these specifications:

- to hold humidity in/ have waterproof surface on the inside - definitely for the floor
- to hold heat in (any ideas of non-toxic heat insulating/reflecting material that is not too thick?)
- be fairly light for the purpose of ocassional moving
- it needs to be designed with possibility of dismantling for moving in mind, using screws and similar rather than glue etc
- to use as much of environmentally friendly materials as possible (ie solvent free etc)
- glass doors at the front, all the other sides dont need to be see-through
- economical to build
- required dimensions: 31 cm tall x 47 cm wide x 204 cm long (front side with the 2 glass doors on hinges, with a partition in the middle 10 or more cm wide)

I would be open to innovative materials/ approaches, the main criteria are re-assembly, reasonably low cost and non-toxicity

Thanks to everybody for your ideas!

In the photo you can see the right half of their present vivarium made of marine plywood. The cage dimensions are (in cm) 61 x 63 x 216.


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11 years ago

If you could find a nice big ole consol tv, take out all the guts.  Glue the knobs back on.  Seal the inside with Urethane.  Make a tray for the bottom.  Silicone a sheet of plexiglass across the front.  Add a back with a door.  Add vent holes in the side and back.  Decorate and add snake friend.

Now that would be something different.

I often see console tv's at the Goodwill store for $5. 


Answer 10 years ago

i've actually done that with a smaller tv for tree frogs, it works great.