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How to make a led wifi candle Answered

Hi everyone !

I have an idea since a long time but never fine a project to know how to do it but i don't know if the reason is the cost or the doability of the project.

I wanted to build a led candle that can be control from a smartphone using wifi and using a battery in a way  that i can make enough candle to made a nice illuminate room.

I have found this but it uses bluetooth : 


But to put 12 of this in a room it cost 200$ so not really worth it.

So if someone has an idea how to make it and how much it can cost i would really appreciate.

Thanks in advance


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6 years ago

You could use something like the Spark Core (their less expensive Photon board will be released soon too.) It's silly easy to use if all you want to do is turn on a LED from your phone- you don't even have to write a single line of code.

About the least expensive WiFi transceiver board I know if is the ESP8266-


There are quite a few people that are doing projects with this board so you should be able to find some more info about it with a little searching.


6 years ago

Probably the only way to get the cost of this kind of project down is to use fewer, brighter bulbs.

Have you tried searching the site for projects you could modify?