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How to make a long lasting battery pack for portable vaporizer that is small and long lasting? Answered

What would the specs be to make a battery or buy a battery that would work for my portable vapir oxygen mini vaporizer? Can I just use any 12v battery pack or is it more complicated than that? The ac adapter says the output power is 12v----1.5A with a max output power of 18w. And I know the oxygen mini has an optional battery pack but it is expensive and doesn't last that long. The attached picture is of the ac adapter. Also how could I charge this pack?


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8 years ago

Based on the info on the adapter in the photo, the math's pretty simple. For your purposes, all you really need to know is what you consider an acceptable run time between charges. Multiply that by the current draw in amps (A) to give you the Amp-hours (Ah) rating you need.

In this case you need 12v (volts) @ 1.5A. So if, for example, you want to run off battery power for 3 hours:

3 hours x 1.5A = 4.5Ah

There are other factors affecting "real world" applications but that's close enough for this application. If you want to add a margin for error, or to extended battery run time, go with a battery with a higher amp-hour rating making sure it's voltage always matches the device requirements (in this case 12v).

If you're paranoid, throw in an in-line fuse to limit the current. One rated 1.5A would work but 2A would be a better choice as it gives you a little cushion while still providing adequate protection.

Hope this helps.