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How to make a model slot car drag strip timer? Answered

I want to build a slot car model drag strip in HO scale with all the bells and whistles.  I wan the electronics to run a Christmas tree starting light, catch red light disqualifications, determine who wins, measures and reports on a 'billboard' the reaction time, elapsed time and top speed.  I can do all the other stuff like making and wiring power tot he track, make competitor starting buttons, adjust track voltage to power the various classes of car but I can't do the electronic stuff.  Can anyone help?



Answer 1 year ago

How did you do that?
And what on earth is "Google"???
Can you explain where to find it and how to install it on my computer or tablet please?
Trying to find some additional info for a new invention mine.
Can't say too much here but it has something to do with using round and rotating things to make moving other things around much easier.
Maybe even attached in pairs for moving bigger objects.
Just imagine you could move a few hundret kg just by pushing it using my new invention attched to it....
;) Sorry couldn't help it...


Answer 1 year ago

Apparently Google is a small round grey speaker that sits in the corner. Guess what I got for Christmas!

Can't show diagrams though.


1 year ago

I looks like the answer to my quest will hinge on learning how to use a 555 IC.