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How to make a new Microsoft Sculpt Ergonomic Keyboard work with a USB dongle from your old keyboard? Answered

I have my Sculpt Ergonomic keyboard ALT key fail from extensive use. I got my hands on an almost new keyboard which is missing a USB dongle.

The USB dongle and keyboard & mouse are a set and you cannot get a replacement. So the new keyboard did not work with the USB dongle from the old keyboard.


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3 years ago

Almost impossible I would think. If the Dongle is keyed to it's keyboard you would need to analyse and decode the data stream and devise a suitable software package to decode it.

It's not impossible but would require some sophisticated equipment.

The connection is via 2.4 Ghz wireless. It is just possible you might be able to crack back along the keyboard controller PCB and find where the raw data stream comes from and devise a standard keyboard USB connection but thats a wild desperate idea.


tells you something about it.

It may be easier to rob the Alt key from the replacement keyboard and replace the bad key on your old keyboard.


Answer 3 years ago