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How to make a no smell, no flies, worm compost bin? Answered

I want to make an indoor compost bin because it's too cold for the worms in the winter. My dad says it'll smell way too much and actually i'm worried about the flies. I already made (and used) a worm compost bin last year and it was smelly so it was sent into the garage and all of them died in the winter. So is there a way to make a no smell, no flies worm compost bin? BTW the compost bin will be put in my basement that has no ventilation.



8 years ago

Websearch, and/or look at the "worm bin" instructables... There are definitely things you can do to reduce the problem (most notably: NO FATS, NO OIL, NO MEAT). I have a small lidded garbage can that I use between trips to my (outdoor) compost bin, and as long as I keep the lid closed it doesn't even smell interesting to my cats.


Answer 8 years ago

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.  It's almost impossible to make one that doesn't smell at all, especially if you don't have any ventilation (and I'm assuming your basement is on the damp and musty side to start with).
.   But, as per orksecurity's comment, you can keep the smell down with proper techniques and a quick look at the compost iBles or a web search will get you started in the right direction.