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How to make a pocket for dress shirt? Answered

I would like to add pockets to some ready made shirts I bought for my husband. (I had forgotten he only likes shirts with pockets....they were so nice that it flew out of my mind.) I don't really have enough material to cut a patch from the bottom of shirts. But I thought maybe I could add some sort of hidden pocket by making something like a bound buttonhole with a hidden pocket of a similar color in cotton. Does anyone have a solution? Thanks, Bratmamma


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Best Answer 11 years ago

That's called a "welted" pocket (don't ask me why "welted"), here is a tutorial on making the basic welted pocket (offsite link).

I'd expect you could "steal" the welting strips from the hem of the shirt. You might want to steal another 2" or so wide strip for the top part of the back of the pocket, which will show whenever the pocket gaps open a bit - which they all do, a bit.

But I'll warn you - welted pockets are a bear to get right, even when you're working with plenty of fabric that's all the same. It might be a whole lot easier in the long run to just take the shirts back and chalk the whole thing up to a picky hubby.