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How to make a program like Disqus but decentralized? Answered

I have had this idea floating around in my head for some time and I was wondering how someone would program a new decentralized overlay comment system that would use an add block like program to block out the comments on a webpage and display a decentralized
alternative to the website controlled comments. I was thinking that it would be a web browser add on that would add the functionality.
and all of the comments would be decentralized and stored on the users of the comment program computers.

What programming languages would be needed to complete this task?
How long do you think something like this would take to code?

Please tell me you thoughts in the comments! I know this would not be super easy but i can't keep it off my mind.    



3 years ago

This would be far better off asked in the forum unless you have some specific programming questions.

sonic broomrickharris

Answer 3 years ago

I think I will apply that idea and post this as a forum topic also. Thanks!

PS do you have any knowledge regarding this type of thing that you could share?