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How to make a real Bluetooth range extender? Answered

I want a bluetooth device that connects to my phone as a standard bluetooth headset and allows any bluetooth headset to connect to it as if it were my phone.

I am thinking of using it (or chaining a few of them) to create a larger area for my bluetooth headset for my phone. THANKS!?

(Yes...I have seen the antenna hacks, but they don't allow me to boost the power of the signal like I need to.  And, this device should also allow chaining to get the signal out a lot further and around metal obstacles.)

Even better would be the ability to connect multiple devices to the extender so that multiple people could be on the same call on their bluetooth headsets simultaneously.  (Yeah...it's getting deep in here.  But the geek in me wants what it wants.)


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10 years ago

keep your phone with you is the simplest way of extending your range...