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How to make a small ground? Answered

I want to make a lightsaber from a 18w neon tube. I am using a 12v to 1800v inverter. The positive lead is connected at the bottom of the tube but in need a ground on the top without pulling a wire from the inverter.



Best Answer 8 years ago

.  You may be able to get away with using your body as the "ground", but that can be dangerous if your body becomes grounded.
.  For your application, I'd try running a very light gauge, varnish-insulated wire (more or less invisible when the tube is lit) down the side of the sword to the handle and make the connection(s) inside the handle.


Answer 8 years ago

if just the is connected it gives me a little light
I touched the negative lead and the glass of the tube and it lit up
but i will use a barely visible wire


8 years ago

If you wear rubber-boots and don't touch anything enough voltage will cause leakage through the air...



8 years ago

Is it really a neon tube or a florescent tube?

You have to make the connection. It doesn't draw much current so you should be able to run a very small wire to the connection that wouldn't be noticed.

On the other hand, at some ungodly voltage the neon tube will glow without any connection.