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How to make a spycam out of my scrap parts or at least find some better scrap to make one ... =P Answered

Hey guys, recently my interest in spy cams has become bigger and i've been searching my whole house top to bottom to find some stuff i could (hopefully) use.
so (hopefully) you'll see my pictures now and notice my camera sucks... but apart from that you might notice the parts i found. i used one of my dad's old cellphones to get a tiny tiny camera from (to be precise the phone is a Nokia 6600 from back in the old days =P) but now my problem is unveiled... the camera is as tiny as i hoped it would be.

But as you maybe notice, it's socketed (as usual in phone or other small hardware appliances) Now my question (or at least one part of it) would be... can i use the camera with or without the socket... further more... would i be abled to use it at ALL ?? i mean... i'd really love to build a tiny spy cam but i don't think that much of myself as a electronics guys so... tell me what you think.

The second part of my question would be this: If by any chance i could build a tiny spy cam and make it successfully work from a distance, i would love to make it remote controllable, not to move it around but to be able to switch it on/off. As you see in the picture's i have (i believe so) the PERFECT thing for that. it's a Remote Control from Lamptron... its a RC4 one.. here come's the tricky part... upon searching the internet... this version is not found... so this makes the project even more impossible

So far i have an (probably but hopefully not) unuseable camera and a remote control which shouldn't exist. Well that's quite a bit for a noob like me to handle all by myself... now my question (in total) would be:

Can anyone give me answers to both sub-questions, the main questions and provide aid for making the whole thing work like i hope it could?

 and thanx in advance =)


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6 years ago

I would like to make a spycam from either an old macbook cam or a cellphone but now using either the macbook or phone. The MacBook cams can be purchased for about $10 and almost everyone can get an old phone.


9 years ago

i want to do almost the same as you, i have a 3.2mp camera from a 5610.. just need somekind of interface like perhaps an arduino to make it work?



10 years ago

To bad but my picture's haven't showed up.. hope you can make it all fit until i figure out how to put picture's with it...