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How to make a tree? Answered

I just moved my office and now there is a pole in my cubicle. I've decided to turn this heinous and inglorious pole into a beautiful and realistic indoor tree.

The pole is 6" in diameter (18" circumference), 9' high. I've ordered birch bark tubes to wrap around (http://www.barkcanoe.com/materials.htm) the pole. The trunk is set.

Next up is to make branches for the top of the tree. Anyone have experience making branches and leaves look realistic? Where can I buy artificial leaves? Should I buy an artificial tree and cut off the leaves? Should I make the leaves myself?




10 years ago

And remember that the area enclosed by the main trunk is essentially equivalent to the summed areas of the branches that come from it.


10 years ago

(The poet Joyce Kilmer was of the opinion the "Only God can make a tree." But let's forget about that. :) For branches, I'd recommend actual tree branches. Either walk around some well-treed area after a good windstorm and pick them up, or make friends with a tree surgeon or some one who work in yard-&-garden care. (I'm not quite sure how yu should attach them - maybe put a hose clamp around the pipe, and then anchor the base of the branch into/around the hose clamp's bracket-&-bolt.) For leaves, you can always make your own; but any craft store will deluge you with artifiical leaves, preserved real leaves, and any number of other leaf-like and/or tree-appropriate objects. Many will come on bits of florist wire; so you could change them around as you like: cherry blossoms for spring, green leaves for summer, colored leaves for fall, snowflakes for winter, monopoly money for budget season, shipping labels for the big "we-deliver-or-we-die" customer deadlines.... You may also want birds, birdhouses, squirrels, nuts, the tattered remenants of Charlie Brown's kite, etc., etc. The craft store will happily provide most of these in exchange for mere money, but you might also look (by typing what you seek into the "Search" box at upper right) to see what Instructables there might be on making your own. Have fun! :)


10 years ago

If I were doing this I would find an artificial tree that I liked that was about the right size, buy it and transfer the branches to the existing pole. Trying to recreate an attractive and believable tree from scratch or parts from the craft store is going to be a real chalenge unless you are very artistic. Or you could design your own version of a tree and not try to duplicate nature but push the envelope - work outside the box and end up with something artistic.