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How to make a water pump with glue, an air compressor and some tubing & containers like jars, plastic bottles, etc..? Answered




Best Answer 10 years ago

submerge an array of the containers in the water. each volume should have exits on the top and bottom and the volumes should be connected together in either series or parallel the bottom has 2 exits. one to the water and one to the output pipe the top has 2 exits too. 1 to open air and 1 to compressor open the entries of open air and water input. let the system fill with water. close them and open the compressor and output. pump in air using the compressor and push water into the output


8 years ago

Build a "geyser pump"--it accumulates a large volume of air at the bottom of the standpipe and "burp" it into the pipe. This big bubble rapidly rises pushing the water above out and also creates a suction drawing water in from below. Google it for details.


10 years ago

1. Fill the containers and bottles with water 2. Offer to buy your friends a drink if they help you carry the water from its source to destination. 3 When you reach the destination, give some of the water to your friends. 4 start finding new friends since these ones will leave :D Seriously though, follow 11010010110's idea.