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How to make an 3d miniature audience of a soccer staduim? app. 2 cm per person big.? Answered

the audience has to be static in a minature stadium that's built form a cover of a trashcan.



7 years ago

Find a photograph of a stadium crowd and get that printed the correct scale. then cutout groups of people and stack them for 3d effect.


7 years ago

2 CENTIMETRES ? That's only about 90:1 scale !!! It must be a very big trashcan.....

At 2 MILLImetres scale, and 900:1 you might get somewhere, but a trashcan is ~600 mm round, and it we take a guess you're German, and pick say Bayern Munich's football stadium, which would be about 350metres long I'd guess, on your scale that would be about 380mm long.

All you need now is 68,000 models.