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How to make an Lm324n guitar amp? Answered

My idea is to make a twin amp and the lm324n has 4 amps packed inside however i can't find any schematics for it, I'm new to stereo amps and i was thinking if it would work if i stack two of the Lm324n's amps and connect it to a speaker would this work?



2 years ago

no, original poster is correct, there is practically ZERO info on using specifically the LM3224n for audio amplifier circuits, cant find any audio aplications for it cept I found some info and schematics and directions for using this IC Chip the lm324n for distortion/Fuzz pedals for guitarists, ive been looking for over a week now, that's all ive really been able to find. id love to find a working audio amp circuit using the 324n, or the LM339, TL082, LM741. I have bought those cause that's all radioshack had, not the LM386 that is the only one used by most people apparently, cause that's all I can find for directions on small amplifier for guitar/audio, they all only talk about the LM#*^ which is quite different than the other ic chips that at the time I ignorantly thought they would be simaller and not an issue, but ive been looking for audioamp designs that use any of the other ic's I listed. not had any luck, I'm still at it


Answer 2 years ago

An LM3224 is a step-up DC/DC converter.

While the LM324 is an Op-Amp

Which would you use to make an amplifier !