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How to make an alternating music box? Answered

So I want to make a music box that has several phrases that belong to the same song and have it alternate between them (verse/chorus/verse/etc..). In order to do this I will build a few separate movements but it's the stopping of one and triggering of the other that I need help with. I'm new to electronics and have been learning as I go with this project but I am unsure how to make something that can do this. My idea is that one movement will repeat probably 4 times then stop when another starts and so on.
The movements are simple: a power supply (two AAA batteries), a potentiometer, and a motor that turns the "roller" which plucks metal tines.
There is another question I have about this project:
The tines and the "picks" on the rollers are connect to LED lights so each time one is plucked, the LED light turns on. This is simple enough to create (https://www.instructables.com/id/Interactive-musical-box/#intro) but I want the lights to each stay on for a little bit longer than this contact lasts..maybe just a second. I am not sure how to accomplish this.

If anybody can help me with either of these two question, that would be greatly appreciated. I plan to publish the entire process on here with credit given to those who help me so don't be shy! Even if you aren't sure your idea is correct, all thoughts are welcome.


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8 years ago

Look into using an Arduino or other micro controller to control the motors. You will have to get the timings just right so that each motor runs for the time needed. You can also hand off the LED controls to the micro controller so they light exactly how you want them too. Depending on the motors used you might need separate motor controllers to run the motors and the micro controller will turn them off and on as needed.