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How to make an electric gate? Answered


so an office building near my work changed from physical record keeping to electronic record keeping. so they got rid of those big sliding records cabinets that were so heavy that they had to be powered by electric motors. - which I grabbed from the dumpster. the motor has a cogged wheel thing that will suit a bicycle chain perfectly,

anyway moved in to a house and would like to build a sliding electric gate utilising one of these motors and this remote control unit from ebay-

any one got any ideas?

for safety I need to have a safety stopper thing so it doesn't crush a child when it is closing.

I have limited area where I park my car so i can't have hinged gates. they have to slide along parallel behind the front fence. yeah.

my house is very close to the front frence (about 7 meters) so connecting 240 volts (I'm in OzStraYa) is not a drama.

The gate will be a metal frame about 1.8 meters tall and about 3 meters wide. running on a track.

ideas please. or links to other DIY electric gates.



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9 years ago

Well to start with, the "lever" to stop the gate could be constructed much like those used on elevators, but instead of "inside" the door, place it, u shaped around the end of the door (assuming it slides vertically), resting on rollers inserted into slots. When the door starts to close, if something presses against this, the lever activates the cut off switch.