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How to make an old fashioned awning style cellar window out of wood? Answered

I have 6 wooden windows in an 82 year old basement and one rotted and fell out of the casement.  How do I build another one awning style?   


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9 years ago

Is the image below the style you're referring to?

If it is, you'll want to save the hardware from the existing windows (or buy new) and construct a new frame to fit the opening in your wall. You'll need to frame a piece of glass (new or existing) that will fit in the window frame and then install the hardware.

You'll need a level and shims to install the window (as well as screws and a drill). You'll need to ensure the window is plum in the opening. Before adding the final decorative trims, you'll want to add some low expanding spray foam between the window casement and wall to seal up any drafts. (Don't use high expanding foam - the pressure can be so great to prevent the window from moving once its set.)

Good luck. I hope this helps.