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How to make arduino react to a certain frequency Answered

Hi, I'm new to arduino, and I was wondering if its possible to program arduino to react to certain frequencies. In other words, I was wondering if its possible to program arduino to go off if you have a certain note played.

Also, as a side note, I was wondering if its possible to reduce a voltage. I have an amplifier that runs off 24 volts and I was wondering if I could redirect some to power a 12 volt bluetooth chip?

Thank You for all your help!


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7 years ago

Go look through adafruit.com for their tutorials and in the forums and search for FFT fast fourier transform. The ampli-tie project is sound level reactive and I think there was discussion to make it sound frequency reactive for the color organ lighting. You need to convert analog voltage(sound input) to a digital value with the limited processing power of the arduino.

You'll have to see what the electronics whizzes around here say about using transformers or voltage regulators for you power drop. Good luck.