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How to make audio interface? Answered

Does anybody know how to make a audio interface? If yes, please make a tutorial on it or show all instructions on how to make audio interface.



20 days ago

You mean like in "Hello Google" and you get a meaningful response or control function?
Some solutions do exist for this but none are open source enough to allow customisationabove what the manufacurer intended.
This is partly due to the costs involved for the AI development and speech algorithms.
Voice recognition is a big market and and getting new thing out there would mean high skills and lots of money.

Back in the early days there were simple voice activation kits available.
You repeated a command several times a could assing an output to change from low to high if recognised after the training.
Just simple commands though like on, off, left, right and so on.
However it is still an option to obtain a license from one of the big vioce recognition providers to embed a solution on your prefered hardware platform.
With that you only need to develop the code to react to the commands you programmed in.