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How to make birth kit for under developed world? Answered

More than half the women in Nigeria give birth at home aided by birth attendants, who often lack appropriate sterile equipment. This can lead to infection, endangering the lives of mothers and their newborn babies. Nigeria’s infant mortality rate is 33 out of 1,000 births, more than five times the infant mortality rate of the United States.
Creating a clean birth kits with mums-to-be , we will reduce health problems related to unsterile birthing practices. These kits should provide the essential tools to ensure safe and sterile conditions at the time of birth, minimising the risk of infection and further health complications for mothers and newborn babies.

Sterile surgical scissors
- Umbilical Clamps
- Bulb Syringe (for removing excess mucus from the baby’s airways)
- Biodegradable waste bag
- Cardboard Bedpan
- Feminine Maternity pads for sanitary use
- Towel
- Pack of Wet Wipes
- Pack of Sterile Antibiotic Wipes
- A Solar Powered Light Source or Torch
- Clean Water in a Bottle
- A Food source to raise Blood Sugar Levels during birth
- Waterproof Sheet
- Plastic box to contain it all
- An instructional visual based Guide on how to use all of the equipment provided

Kindly give advice on how to create components of a low cost birth kit for under deserved communities which live below $2/day 


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5 years ago

get the one of those new inflatable baby incubators

The guy who designed it won the James Dyson award with it and was able to pay the costs of the clinical trials. They sell for about 400$ and can run on a battery


5 years ago

There are already charities providing birth kits like that - you'd make a bigger difference if you contacted them and started raising funds for them.


5 years ago

Do a lot of writing to the manufacturers of this equipment and persuade them to sell it to you or donate some to your cause.

Realistically your not going to be able to make enough to make a difference your self.

Dirty water kills more children though!