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How to make black garlic Answered

We all believe that the health, eating black garlic black garlic on the market as a health food and supplements, the price is relatively high, in fact, at home, you can easily make black garlic,

Here I will introduce two black garlic molding method for your reference.

The first method: rapid generation of law

Step 1: Prepare good garlic, three of each head of garlic wrapped in aluminum foil,
Step 2: roasted on the stove above, just like on the street to do the kind of barbecue, 15 minutes,
Step 3: Flip the back and then bake for 15 minutes,
Step 4: steamed, placed in a pressure cooker inside the steam, steam cooked into about 30 minutes,
Note: In the second step, if conditional, can be placed inside the oven baking, aluminum foil, can be placed in a plastic box inside, but slightly lid yo or evaporated dry.


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8 years ago

You could write these up as proper instructables.