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How to make dual barreled weapons in game maker 8 pro? Answered

I am making a plane game in game maker and I am stuck on how to make the rockets shoot from the wings and not from the origin like the minigun does. Any help would be appreciated as would and example.



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8 years ago

This may be a longshot, but where you told your object to create a new object instance i.e. the rockets (Make sure to have two of these actions), click on it and in your x and y origins type "sprite_width/2" and "sprite_height/2" this allows you to alter where the rocket spawns, make sure also to add a + or - on the end with the number of pixels you wish to modify its spawn by.

eg. One gun on my plane is positioned at x50,y35 and the other at x100,y35 within the sprite (0,0 being in the top left corner) so in the first Create instance box, x = sprite_width/2+50, y = sprite_height/2-35(or +35, i forget). Similar step with the other instance action. Hope it helps.


9 years ago

you could make a sprite that shows 2 rockets while just being one
you would have to do a little programming which would essentially require your source :)