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How to make files for laser cutting? Answered

I have some psd files of some animals I'd like to make some acrylic lasercut figures out of. One layer for just the outline, and another layer for engraving details.

I have no idea what files a lasercutter needs to be able to make these. I brought my psd files to one of the workshops where I work, but was told to email my files to this guy who could make them into vector. Unfortunately he only did one of the files (out of five), so I figured I might be able to just figure out how to make the rest myself, but I'm really confused how this works. He sent me two files, a pdf and a ai.

I really only know Photoshop, and my experience with Illustrator is very limited (next to none). And I know nothing about pdf's.

Is there any easy way to make whatever files a lasercutter needs, for a simple shape and a few engravings?


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5 years ago

I use Inkscape to draw my cutting files - it can save files in SVG, PDF, EPS and DXF formats. Between them, your workshop's cutter should be able to use something.