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How to make ghostbuster costume? Answered

Hi guys! i'm trying to make a ghostbuster coustume for idk this year halloween...

and I need a little help...

Is there any simple way that I can make this costume?

BTW : I have open suggestion for costume idea so put that in the comments too OOF.



Jack A Lopez

2 months ago

The link below,


is this site's, Let's make search results for the phrase, "ghostbusters". I think there are likely some good costume ideas in some of those 'ibles.

By the way, I am impressed by how proactive you are in regards to your Halloween costume plans. I mean, by my math, the next Halloween is about 5+1/2 months into the future.

I suppose it is good to plan ahead about these things.


2 months ago

What costume?
Orginal cleaner dress with a backpack from plumbing parts, the new version or maybe some other character from the franchise?
I am almot certain that back in the day lots of people made the custumes, only problem is that back then not everyone had internet.