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How to make my Youtube video be seen? Answered

How to make my Youtube video be seen? I uploaded a video and i followed youtube advice to add a bunch of tags on it. But it's already 1 week and it only gained a little less 300 viewers. I already made some advertising moves like video response( but no one approved it due to that it was not a response to their video, is that supposed to be? I don't know, im a first timer). I did some other ways, although i can say it worked since some youtubers posted comments on it, and so far, all are positive but i came to an idea that these are the people i invited to have a glimpse on my video. Does that mean i have to invite some more(but i've already invited a 50+ i think)? So, I was thinking, my video is not seen. I know about the youtube promotion where you pay for every click, but i can't afford it. Is there any good youtube culture to make my video be seen? Please share what your minds are made of.. Please Thanks. uhm yah.. the link: just go to youtube, search for ShadowZinger, that's the name my channel.. the title of my vid is "Big Bang Male cover I dont Care". that's not exactly the title. Thanks. thanks and good day


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11 years ago

you alredy put tags on it, but add A TON MORE!!  the tage don't even have to be relavent to your vid. just put a bunch of tags with words like a, at, be, the ect.  i also recomend puting 'fun thing to do when you're bord', even it it's not an instrutonial. hope that will help.