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How to make my garage roller door work on an automatic electrical opener? Answered

We installed a garage roller door ourselves. However the upper end of the garage roller door is not straight. The middle part of the upper end is bulging out and lower than the two ends that is attach to the two end wheels. It works fine manually. However when we installed the electrical automatic opener. It works on opering the garage door, but when we try to close the door, the door unroll on the shrift instead of coming down. Please let us know what is wrong. Is it the tension of the spring? What is the easiest way to fix it?


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IPM4U Garage Doors
IPM4U Garage Doors

10 years ago

You will have to have the Balance checked for the door, this will depend on whether it is a Continuous curtain Rol-A-Door or a Sectional Roller Door

If it is a continuous curtain with springs internal you can roll the door up tie off in the center and then bring the door down off the brackets, once on the ground on something to stop any scratches twist the axle and release this will center the axle and springs, mark this position on the axle near the drum so as when you put the door back on the brackets you can see if you have shifted the curtain left or right off center, once this is done spin the door the reccomended direction and amount of times for its height and as per manufactures guides... now undo the center tie point and place into side tracks. check door travels up and down smoothly. make sure the door stops and holds about 3 foot from the ground without wanting to fall down to the ground.  if it does fall down the tension is not enough and you will need to add tension.... when installing the automation unit it will have a counter weight that will also need to be fitted to help the door travel down as the automation starts ... hope this helps , Regards, Chris (IPM4U)