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How to make product labels? (paper choices, design in adobe, etc.)? Answered

Hey all, I've been lurking around here for the past few weeks and finally got a membership.  Anyway, I had an idea I would like some help with:

I'm looking to make a gag/stocking stuffer gift (relabeled product) for a friend. 

The idea is to take a can of spam and relabel it as unicorn meat (I saw this in a Think Geek catalogue).   Dark, I know, but he would think it was really funny.  The questions I have are: what kind of paper would work the best for this purpose? (photo paper is too thick to wrap around the can, generic printer paper is too thin and would fall apart, so what would be the "goldy-locks" paper?)  Also, this part may be more complicated as I am a photoshop novice, but what would be the easiest way to design a Hormel Unicorn Meat label in Photoshop?




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Paper thickness is measured in pounds. Regular printer paper is anywhere between 5lbs - 20lbs. You'll want to look for paper with a higher number (without getting too thick). I would recommend around 30lbs paper in a gloss finish.

Wrap some generic paper around the can you want to cover and trim to the desired size. Remove the paper and then measure it to get your dimensions.

In Photoshop, start a new document and input your dimensions in the width and length. For a good quality print, you'll want to make your resolution around 150 (pixels/inch = dpi). - Then click okay and design your image.

Keep in mind the capabilities of your printer. Many can not print to the edge of a sheet, so if the length you need is bigger than an 8 1/2" x 11" sheet, you may have problems printing out your design. If thats an issue, bring it to a copy place and have them print it.

(I've worked professionally with PS for over 10 years, in case you're wondering)

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Answer 7 years ago

Thanks for the answer. You helped point me in the right direction for this!

canucksgirlPrometheus Now

Answer 7 years ago

You're welcome. Just make sure to mark the "best answer", otherwise you may continue receiving responses. Choosing an answer, marks questions as "answered".

Good luck with your project. It's a cool idea.