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How to make small elec. shock device? Answered

I saw the the project of Plasmana but I have problem that from where the battery is to be connected, because I lost track while dismantling the camera. Also I doubt that one or the other component in my circuit is damaged and is not working, I have a multi-meter but I don't know how to check those components, so help me with these problems.
Thank you.



Best Answer 4 years ago

The components you have are not to build a small and fun shock device.
With the stuff you have you can do severe bodily harm, for that reason and you lack of using basic test equippment I won't give advise.

Kunal GehlotDownunder35m

Answer 4 years ago

Well I do have a knowledge of checking capacitor, resistor, transistor and all, the only reason I asked to tell me how to check was because to ensure that I'm doing it the right way or not and also I'm confused in checking that transformer.

And I can change that capacitor if you tell me the range of capacitors that are safe enough. I have plenty of them.

thank you.

Downunder35mKunal Gehlot

Answer 4 years ago

It is not about the cap but the way you use it ;)
Without the cap you already get around 400V coming out of the circuit.
So you could use this directly with a 1MegOhm resistor is series.
To see whats inside the circuits check Google for "Kodak camera flash circuit", there are websites listing several designs, including yours.
With the circuit you can check all you want, just by you pictures it is next to impossible to explain.