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How to make solenoid retract when friction applied. Answered

I have a 12V solenoid that was going to be used in a project with a spring loaded door. It was wired into an arduino project and all was going well. That was until I realised that if the bolt had any friction on it that it would not get retracted when power was applied.

I wonder therefore whether there is a simple way of making the bolt retract even when friction is being applied?

Alternatively, is there a simple mechanism that could be made where friction can be applied to something else that doesn't add friction to the solenoid bolt itself so that when the bolt is retracted the secondary part is free to move and release the sping loaded door.

Any help would be appreciated.



5 weeks ago

Thank you for the reply. I will look at the pinball solenoid - presumably these are more heavy duty?

I was wondering now about whether the use a heavy duty power car door lock actuator that pushes instead. Maybe I could create a pivoting mechanism so that when the actuator pushes one side it releases the side that is pushed into the latch of the spring loaded door.

The spring was two mouse trap springs that will be under pressure from the door. The door was then to be kept in place by the latch of the solenoid but as I say any friction on the latch and the solenoid refuses to retract.


5 weeks ago

Why not just use an electromagnetic door stopper?
They are the ones that for example in hospitals keep the fire doors open.
And once an alarm goes off they are turned off and the doors close.
If you need to stick with your type of solenoid then check pinball machines, or better the solenoids for their fillpers.
And well, if friction is your big problem then some more details would be helpful.