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How to make soy sauce myself (with potassium chloride instead of regular salt)? Answered

Was at the doctor's.. BP 200/130! I love to make my food with soy sauce. No more!!! Now I need to know how to brew it myself, with KCl instead of 'normal' salt. Next question: Why soy beans??? are they better? Perhaps I could use other varieties???



4 years ago

bullshit wendel31, the recommended daily allowance for potassium is 5000 mg, most people don't come that close and toxicity occurs at significantly higher levels. Low sodium soy sauces are all high in sodium. So the thing to do is figure out how soy sauce is made and substitute Nu Salt for Nacl, I would still use about half the amount as you would NaCl. If you were to do that you might get 2000mg of KCl if you were eating a large amount of sushi. This is done in a number of commercial products, like low sodium V8, check the label and you will see about a 1000 mg of potassium in a single serving. There is no label advisory against it or precautions. Still, since it could represent a significant change to your diet , integrate it slowly and know how much potassium you are getting in a sitting, 1000mg in a meal is totally reasonable.


9 years ago

Hi friend !! As a chemistry I tell you please dont use KCL in food formulations without a more deep technical knowledge. High concentrations of KCl can be dangerous to persons with heart problems or mineral unbalance. Orange haves a high concentration of KCL and this is why this a forbiden fruit specialy to people with heart problems. NaCl is necessary to avoid the formation of others fungus in the brewing soy "water activity" also contribuiting with flavor. Try less salt NaCl and monossodic glutamate. Sorry for any mistake in my english. Hope I could help you.


10 years ago

There are lower-salt varieties of soy sauce, though a typical American supermarket may not have them. Find a chinese market, if you can. ("Light" soy sauce may or may not be the same thing, depending on whether the manufacturer thinks the buyers have a clue.)


10 years ago

Its possible the salt is needed for the fungus' biology, it might not work without it. Humans won't work on just KCl either.