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How to make string lights battery powered Answered

I have a specific project that I am going to work on (and hopefully successfully!)  For this project, I need to take a traditional string of lights, using SPT wire and E12 bases.  I will include a picture so you know what I am talking about.

I have looked for exactly what I need already in a battery operated format but I have not yet been able to find it.  In total I will need to power 110 G50 led bulbs.  The bulbs are .37 watts and .008 amps each.  I am fine with splitting these into different strings of whatever length would be needed to make this work.  I will show you a finished picture of what I am trying to do as well.

You can see that the project is a light bulb wreath.  In it's current state, it is designed to be plugged in and uses traditional bulbs.  These will be replaced by led bulbs.

I am assuming that I should be able to snip the plug and wire this to a battery pack in order to power the bulbs.  My question is how many batteries would be needed and of what size.  

Any help or guidance would be appreciated.  Thank you!



3 years ago

If you want to run on battery you need LED's that you can run them on.
As Steveastouk said the G50 are usually not for low voltage use, although you can get some for caravans and campers - with a slightly different socket so they won't fit into mains G50 systems.
IMHO the best option is to use a 12V LED strip and a 12V battery, combined with a big enough solar system and you always have light.


3 years ago

The LED G50's are designed to be "drop in" replacements for their old mains powered antecedents, so presumably you'll need 110 or 240V depending where you are in the world, admittedly you'll only need 350W or thereabouts to run them.

I'd use a 12V inverter pack.