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How to make the GY-87 work probably ? Answered

This my first question and ... action here with this new account :)

My problem is I'm making a quad-copter, which needs some balance and no problem of adding some features like alt. measurement and so.

I bought a GY-87 10DOF chip which combines 5 sensors :-
MPU6050 Gyroscope
MPU6050 Accelerometer
BMP085 Barometer
BMP085 Temperature sensor
HMC5883L Magnometer

I don't know yet how to make the quad-copter balance using the chip but I'm focusing now on making the chip work at all.
After 7 hours of searching I could get a messy code using KALMAN filter to get the gyro and accel angels which worked fine eccept that the code combines the Z axis with the compass reading and I need to understand how to make every reading separate, which get us to the secong problem, the compass is stuck at 50.3 degrees, after reading i found that i must enable the I2C cuz both of the MPU and the HMC uses the same bus ways, I added a delay (100) ms to let the HMC get it's reading, i could make it work till I realized that the reading is not from 0- 360, it's between 200 and ... maybe 342 !
although making the BMP work was difficult a bit..

now my questions are :-
-Understand how the gyro code works or at least add the Z axis of the the gyro not the compass
-How to make the compass work probably




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