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How to make the flash circuit out of a old camera smaller? Answered

The camera is outdated. It is from 2002 with a 2.1 MP and 3x optical zoom. The camera still works (not now), but the picture button is broken and case is cracked every where. This is a flash circuit out of a old Argus 3550. It still held a charge in it for 4 weeks. I am just not sure what traces to cut to make the board smaller also I don't know where power and ground is. I would like to make a coil gun or something out of it.



10 years ago

this looks complicated. i would just get a disposable camera they are WAY more simple. i really hate surface mount tech.


Answer 8 years ago

me too, when you want to unsolder something it has short pins, and you cant read name of components and use them for other projects