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How to measure pre-shirred material for a summer dress? Answered

I am new to making clothes and am self taught on my sewing machine. I bought this really cute cherry pre-shirred material, and am trying to figure out how to measure it to fit my body right. Is there a special way I need to do this, or is the answer right under my nose and its passing me by? Any adivce would be greatly appriciate. So, again, my question is, How to I measure the pre-shirred material to make my summer dress?



8 years ago

hi were did you buy the material can buy it enywere in edinburgh


9 years ago

If its pre-shirred then that means it will stretch out to fit. Personally, if I were to make this dress using a front and back to be sewn together, I'd take my chest/waist/hip front measurements and cut the fabric 5-6 less inches than this. This will allow seam allowance and stretch-to-fit for the material. Something else to take into consideration is exactly how much stretch YOUR particular material gives. If it gives a lot of stretch then I'd feel safe about cutting it 6 inches less than your measurement, if it does not give much stretch then I'd cut 4 inches less than your measurements.


10 years ago

My thought would be to make a pattern out of pattern paper - then use that to lay out the design...