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How to measure the distance using laser Answered

Hi everyone, so I would like to measure distance up to 12m using Laser ..

the question is how to do so ? I want to make a simple sensor that can do the job.

I know that for that i would need a reflector and the basic D=V*t

so the problem is how to get the "t" !?



1 year ago

1. How accurate do you need to be?

2 Your into the realms of microprocessing so your going to need to know or learn how to write a suitable programme.

3. Light speed is very hard to work with. Usually the instrument measure the phase difference between the transmitted pulse and the received reflected pulse. Very hard to do with light and standard electronice.

4. If you search on line you will find few examples, a testament to haw hard this can be,




5 a basic laser tape measure isn't expensive - They may be hackable to do what you need..

6 UltraSonics may be a better bet. Lots of projects to do that if you ask Google.