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How to mod a toy grade rc car? Answered

I have a mjx 1:14 bmw m3. This things go pretty fast and uses 5 battery=. So it's use 7.4 volt. Now I am thinking to wire 2 4v lead acid battery so it will get 8v and save my money to replace batteries. But I got another Idea. Can I upgrade the stock transistor so I can wire a 9v battery for a serious kick? Don't tell me to save up for hobby grade. They take all the fun because everything is ready made.It is more fun to modify a thing that is not made for modification.


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Best Answer 7 years ago

A standard square 9 volt battery will not supply enough current for you motor.

The electronics is probably over specified so will stand a little more voltage BUT you proceed at you own risk - I am not there looking at what your looking at,

Faster isn't always better.

Bigger wheels will make it go faster.