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How to moderate new submissions to a Community Group Workshop? Answered

I am the owner/moderator for the Community Group Workshop, Arch Reactor Hackerspace. I am currently am able to moderate who becomes members and I can edit the Workshop page.  https://www.instructables.com/group/archreactor/

I have added my own new Instructables to the Workshop and received a message that the moderator would need to approve them.  However, there is no place that I can find to moderate the submitted Instructables from myself or other members of our hackerspace's Workshop. Under "Admin Features" the only choices I have are: "Manage Admins" "PM Group", "Edit Group", and "Categories". If I turn off the "Moderate New Instructables", it will allow submitted Instructables to post, but I'm not able to moderate the new submissions individually.

There also seems to be a second bug that does not allow me to add more Categories to my Workshop. Typing a new Category name on a second line will only add the second category to the end of the first one.  It is as thought I'm only allowed to have one Category.

Any assistance would be extremely helpful.





4 years ago

Hi, I'm a moderator for a group as well, it's called Hack42 Members. I cannot reproduce your problem with admitting new group members, but I have the same problem regarding categories. I, too, cannot choose more than one, which makes the whole feature rather useless.


Reply 4 years ago

Oh wait, you said you CAN admit new members, but you CAN'T admit individual projects. I don't have that problem because I'm letting all group members add their own projects to the group.

Still, I share the second problem you mentioned.