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How to open a Jack LaLanne juicer? Answered

I was given a motor to a Jack LaLanne juicer. How do I get inside? I want to repurpose it as a sharpener, but can't get to the motor shaft. I took the feet off the bottom, but the lower plastic end cap remains in place. Has anyone ever been inside one?


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Best Answer 10 years ago

There are three phillips head screws in deep (~3 inch) holes on the bottom. Remove these and the bottom comes off, except there are wires to the switch.


10 years ago

I have never disassembled a Jack LaLanne juicer but I have taken apart many household appliances looking to scavenge parts from them and I have a few tips on getting them open.
Many times a screw will be hidden under product and model labels, rub your thumb over any label and see if you can feel a depression underneath, a screw could well be under there.
If there are no screws, then it is either held together with plastic tabs or glued.
If it uses plastic tabs, a thin piece of stiff metal (I like to use an engineer's SS pocket rule) or a small flat blade screwdriver can be worked under the seam to pop the tabs loose one at a time.
Should it be glued, the only way is to cut it open. You can use a small hacksaw or I use my Dremel Moto-tool with a cut off disk to cut all the way around the seam. If you do it neatly, you can glue it back together, if you are only looking to repair it.
Once its open, you should be able to disassemble most of what's inside, although, I have run across a few appliances where the motor shaft bushing is press fit, in which case you can only cut away the plastic to remove it.
Hope that helps.