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How to pipe minimodem output to PiFM on the RPi? Answered

I'd like to pipe minimodem output to PiFm but I can't figure out how. For example, running "minimodem --tx 100" and then typing "hello" generates "hello" as 100 baud digital signal. I'd like to send this output into PiFM to transmit (on a ham band, not doing anything illegal, don't worry).
Running "sudo ./pifm - ", according to the PiFM usage message, should "use stdin", but nothing else is said about it. When I do that, it seems to be accepting CHARACTER input, and doesn't actually transmit anything no matter what I type.
The problem is, when I do things like "minimodem --tx 100 | sudo ./pifm -" nothing is transmitted, and the stdin is going to PiFM (which I know because, PiFM gives a message when you ^C out of it."
Help, please?


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